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Gayle Skidmore – Little Bird

       Unlock the cage of these ribs         Let out what’s within me now         Un-sew the seamsView full post »

Far Over The Lego Misty Mountain Cold

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ryan, and I’m extremely grateful and excited to now officially be a part ofView full post »

Gayle Skidmore – Zion (Live)

Last Monday we had the opportunity to head down to San Diego to work on a music video for our friend @GayleSkidmore.  View full post »

James Phillipps – Psalm 23

Different projects have different production obstacles. This one, just like many others, had a time constraint. One hourView full post »

Triple Fist Kiss – Disney Day

I still like hanging around my old alma mater. That is where I learned almost everything I know about Film. A few monthsView full post »

Gayle Skidmore – Paper Box

One day I was wandering around a music festival and ran into something I didn’t expect; Lyrics that spoke to me inView full post »

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