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Gayle Skidmore – Little Bird

       Unlock the cage of these ribs         Let out what’s within me now         Un-sew the seamsView full post »

Shepherds’ Conference Trailer

Shepherds’ Conference is an amazing annual event hosted by Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA. TheView full post »

Far Over The Lego Misty Mountain Cold

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ryan, and I’m extremely grateful and excited to now officially be a part ofView full post »

Sweet Memories

It’s been a little over a month since we last got a chance to share what has been on the up and up here atView full post »

SCV Burrito Bowl 2012

You may be wondering the same thing I was when I heard “Burrito Bowl”,”What the heck is it?!” (View full post »

Resolved 2012, Monday

We apologize for the delay in posting Monday’s Resolved Recap video, but this has been quite a busy last few daysView full post »

Resolved 2012. I Am Resolved

This last Monday will go down in FlyFeNniX history as “that one time we made a 10 minute video in 8 hours”.View full post »

Resolved 2012, Sunday

Hello everyone! Sadly I can’t spend too much time writing this blogpost as we are in the middle of wrapping up ourView full post »

Resolved 2012, Saturday

Hello, again! As I write this blogpost for tomorrow, we’re currently seated around the conference table at 11pm atView full post »

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